Players, Parents an Potential Players,
The spring season is fast approaching and the time has come to collaborate, coordinate and disseminate. 

NEW PLAYERS and Equipment Needs for Returners

We have a good amount of new players coming in at multiple levels. THEY NEED GEAR!!!! Anyone who has old stuff that they can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please bring this stuff to Monday's open field session so that we can start filling in the gaps for them until they decide that this is the sport that they love. 

Equipment Required for Full Participation

Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Athletic Cup, Stick, Mouthpiece, Cleats, Shooting Shirts (Varsity Onl


We are still waiting to hear back from Stanley Middle school to confirm that we will be allowed to use their fields after school. Here is what we do know though...

Tryouts will start Feb. 5th.

You will need your athletic waiver completed, submitted to Randy Takahashi (he then returns it to you with a slip confirming that everything is good) and turned in to Coach Ringwood on that first day in order to be able to participate.

Whether we are at Stanley or somewhere at Acalanes practices will be directly after school for about a month or until soccer seasons finish. 

 If you are in a Winter sport do not come out to tryouts until your current season is done! 


What is an athletic clearance?

The athletic clearance is what you receive from Randy Takahashi, the Acalanes Athletic Director, after you have completed all the necessary procedures found here:

Follow those instructions TO THE T, print out what needs to be printed and hand it in to Randy. He will in turn give you back your Summary Page with a small slip stapled onto it that says you are cleared for a spring sport. You then will give that form to your coach on the first day of tryouts and you are cleared to play. If you do not have said slip stapled to the Summary Page you will not be allowed to play until you do. After you have completed everything online you will print out the summary page, turn it into Randy Takahashi and he will then give you back the slip saying that you are approved. 

Game Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for tryouts?
1. Athletic Clearance - see below
2. Helmet, cleats, stick, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, mouth piece and RUNNING SHOES! Bring all these things EVERY DAY.

What if I already did this for another sport?
Gotta do it all over again for spring sports. You don't need another physical but everything else needs to be done again. 

What if I am still playing a Winter Sport? Do I still come to tryouts?
No. come when that sport is done for the year and you will be able to tryout for any team that you are interested in playing on. You will get a 3 day tryout with that team. 

 Is Lacrosse a Cut Sport?
Yes, but only at the Varsity level. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors will always be able to play on JV. Varsity however has a limited space and seniors who did not make the team are ineligible to play JV. 

Contributions to the Program

In Season: Being that this year we do not have a full understanding of how many players are coming out we have not been able to finalize our budget yet. Usually dues are between $275-$350 plus we ask that our student athletes contribute by selling Lafayette Dining Cards in the Community as a Fundraiser for the Program. Full Budget will be completed by the Spring Sport Parent Meeting on February 13th at which time we will be collecting checks.  Parent contributions are the lowest in the district and towards the lowest in the area. Our fundraising efforts help off-set these costs.

 Coaching Staff

Brent Ringwood
Peter Harris 
Christian Skuce
Alex Richmond

Cole Tanner
Taylor Howell

Varsity Jackets
Varsity jackets or Boathouse Jackets as they are commonly known, can be purchased after tryouts and you find out what team you are on. 

Equipment, and Spirit Wear
Spirit Wear- can be found at and will be available until the 22nd or this month at midnight

Do I have to buy anything?
Varsity players need a shooting shirt (either this one or a former version). JV needs nothing but it is suggested that they purchase the Collared White Shirt for Game Days (or just make sure that you own one). 

What if I buy a shooting shirt but my son doesn't make Varsity?
c'est la vie as the French say, but at least you will have it for next year!

 I don't have my son's # yet. How will I customize his gear?
See French saying above. 

Other Fundraisers

Lacrosse Program- Is the only other fund raiser we have for the season. It is a Game Program that we give away at home games with Pictures, schedules, rosters, player bios, etc. Its like a year book for lacrosse. We sell ads in it and share it with the girls team. 

If you know of a local advertiser that would be interested in getting in front of this very exclusive and enthusiastic clientele as well as supporting a local high school sport, please forward Brian Gladden their contact info and he will do the rest! We have digital copies of past programs that you can show if you need.  Full page ads are $1000, half page are $500, quarter page are $250 and personal business cards are $100.

Douglas C. Watson

Thanks everyone for your continued support. We are looking forward to this season and competing for yet another NCS Championship!!!!


Coach Ringwood
Varsity Head Coach 
Acalanes Boys Lacrosse

Fund Raising

Acalanes Lacrosse is a community funded program.  
The Acalanes School District does contribute to our program. 
We need every parent to play a part in supporting our players, coaches and program. 
There are two seasons we focus on fundraising:

In Season: Booster Raffle Tickets, Booster Bash and Parent Contributions
These funds help pay for equipment, referees, training staff, janitorial service and more.

Off Season: LAX.COM sales, Program Ad Sales, eTeamSponsor
These funs help pay for off-season conditioning, pre-season clinics and expenses